Please refer to the documentation that is displayed at this link.  As you can see by the “Certified Mail-Receipt” at the bottom left, we mailed Our Letter to Cardinal McCarrick” on September 3, 2004.  Using the Certification Number, we tracked the letter’s progress as it was in transit.  The “Track  and Confirm”  function of the USPS website indicates that the letter was delivered on September 7, 2004. The Return Receipt indicates that a John Foote (last name a little unclear) signed for it.


We never received the reply for which we asked.  The archdiocesan unresponsiveness in this case is sadly, typical.  However, now the world can see prima facie evidence of the disregard that we sincere Catholics experience on a regular basis.  We need a strong, faithful bishop.  If it isn’t going to be Cardinal McCarrick (and that’s entirely up to him), then we must appeal to Rome for a strong and faithful successor!