We of Faithful Catholics of MD/DC have, over the past several years, observed behaviors within our own chancery that indicate that many of the ills plaguing the Church at large (described in "Who we are") are to be found within our Archdiocese.  We have attempted to inquire about these matters with the chancery, via phone, fax, regular mail and email.  By and large, our inquiries have been ignored; we’ve received no response.  Moreover, with only a few exceptions, many of these matters that have been addressed to the Catholic Standard, have not been so much as mentioned within that publication.  Therefore, so that the Catholics of this Archdiocese and elsewhere may be made aware of what has been transpiring, we have initiated this web page called "restore-dc-catholicism.com".


This web page will serve to:

  1. Detail our concerns and yes, our grievances, in regard to the Archdiocese of Washington and how its leadership has dealt with (or more accurately NOT dealt with) them
  2. Supplement information regarding the archdiocese imparted to the reader by the Catholic Standard and other chancery-controlled news organs
  3. Provide suggestions on actions that can be taken
  4. Provide useful links to Church documents and other key sources of information