RED ENVELOPE, ONLINE PETITIONS, USELESS (AND MAYBE DANGEROUS) DIVERSIONS Right after Obama was elected, we all saw a flurry of on-line petition efforts, most of them purporting to be petitions against the FOCA legislation.  For a while, I was receiving at least two of these per week in my emails.  All of them predicted dire consequences if you didn’t sign their particular petition, even if you might have already signed three of them recently.  Of course, they all asked for standard contact information.

I myself have run various petition drives over the past several years; I’ve been part of efforts to petition legislation to referendum and to put third-party candidates on election ballots.  Some were successful and others weren’t.  All had several key elements in common.  The most important one was that a signer really did have to sign the petition – the old-fashioned way!  You know, with actual ball-point pen, and real paper, and real hand-writing?  While they all asked for address and birth date (for validation against voter registration records), none asked for email addresses.  My point is that these online petitions didn’t do diddly-squat in terms of influencing legislation.  They couldn’t, since they couldn’t be verified.  Now one such drive did go so far as to ask for birth dates.  Hello!  Do the words “identity theft” have relevance here?  Now the originator of this drive was indeed honorable, but I think they were reckless in asking people to transmit that kind of data over the internet, which we all should know by now is by no means secure, unless encryption is being used – and it wasn’t in this drive.  I advised the originators of this potential threat to fellow pro-lifers; I received no response.

Then in March and April of 2009, we all were bombarded by the Red Envelope fad.  Click on this to read why I think this one was particularly useless.


MD NARAL’S ATTEMPT TO STYMIE CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS GOES DOWN IN FLAMES Several months ago, MD NARAL allegedly did some “investigation” on several pro-life pregnancy centers in Maryland.  NARAL operatives, claiming to be pregnant, allegedly went to these centers to see what they’d say.  They allege misinformation and mistreatment, although their report gives very little detail (such as date of incident, specific center, etc).  Their legislator-lap-dogs in Annapolis put together legislation that in effect would have compelled the centers to tell visitors that they were liars.  You can read the National Review’s account of this incident here.   The Maryland Catholic Conference, Maryland Right to Life, pregnancy center directors and clients of the pregnancy centers are to be congratulated for their testimonies during the hearings.

However, one factor warrants closer examination.  Quite some time had elapsed between the NARAL kangaroo-investigation and the introduction of those bills.  Did anything else occur that might have added additional impetus for NARAL’s attempt to cripple pro-life activity?   Unfortunately, yes.  Moreover, it was entirely unnecessary and the fault of “the good guys”.   In January, the Maryland Catholic Conference attempted to ask the Maryland Legislature for funding for the crisis pregnancy centers.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  FOR SEVERAL REASONS!!!!


When an entity – any entity – solicits governmental money, it necessarily invites governmental scrutiny.  Face it – when any of us, as individuals, is solicited for money, don’t we take it upon ourselves to investigate whether or not the money will be used according to our principles and standards?  Of course we do – else, we’d be sinning against the virtue of prudence.  Would we expect the government to do any less – especially when the money in question is our tax dollars?  When the MCC put in its request, they gave NARAL the perfect excuse to make its wild allegations and to introduce that onerous legislation.  In effect, they might as well have pasted “Kick me!” signs on their own backsides, as well as those of the pregnancy centers.  If the pregnancy centers were in cahoots with that funding request, well, we hope they learned their lessons.


If said entity is so unfortunate as to have its funding request granted, and it accepts that funding, then it accepts governmental control.  Is that what we want?  Do we want the liberal government dictating to Christian organizations the health benefits that they’ll have to pay for shack-up partners, etc?  That’s the sort of thing with which we’re flirting!  That’s why President Bush’s “Faith-Based Initiative”, while well-intentioned, is the proverbial “snake in the grass”.  If any Christian organization attempts to attach itself to a governmental teat, it will be treated like, well, a piglet.  What’s worse, it will be behaving like a piglet!


In another section on this site, we discussed the MCC’s flawed philosophy of seeking governmental solutions for everything under the sun.  Click on “announcements” to the left of this section and go to the fifth item down to “Marxism at MCC”.  What we just dealt with was some dangerous fallout from that philosophy.  Granted, the MD NARAL were the main perpetrators here, along with their back-pocket legislative lackeys.  Moreover, the MCC and other prolifers did a stellar job in sending them packing with tails between legs.  But we believe that imprudent reliance on government left us vulnerable to such an attack.  Have we learned our lesson?  If not, some nefarious entity is just waiting in the wings to give us more education!



ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS FORCE-FEEDS NEW-AGE VENOM TO STUDENTS  I (this webmistress) am an alumnus of Holy Cross, so the following particularly irks me.  A parent of a current student sent this to me and voiced his/her well-grounded concerns to me.  As you can see, this is thinly-disguised new-age, earth-worship idolatrous babble.  Now is not the God-given mission of any Catholic school to instill the True Faith in its students?  Of course; however, Holy Cross (with too many others) seems to have forgotten its solemn duty.


The parents of Holy Cross were sent this email.  Thus, the students were going to hear about “earth our healer” and “qigong”.  Parents and alumni voiced their concerns and displeasure at this blatant departure from duty on the part of the Campus Ministry of Holy Cross.  A few days later, the Holy Cross administration sent out another email and attempted to sanitize their agenda a bit; it didn’t fly.  Some concerned individuals circulated this alert to let parents know of the drivel that was to be presented to their daughters during the April 5th retreat.  Additionally, this email went to the Campus Ministry and Theology Department of Holy Cross.


I understand that the retreat, with original agenda, did occur.  I also understand that there were many student absences that day.  I’d like to remind Sister Katherine that the duty of religious education does lie primarily with the parents; the parents, not other educators, are, by natural law and the Magisterium, are the first teachers of their children.  Their prerogatives are not to be overridden or sabotaged in any fashion.  I certainly also hope that future offerings are tempered with the sure knowledge that they will be carefully scrutinized by the parents and other concerned Catholics.


And now for some “tongue-in-cheek” humor.  I know that the Holy Cross administration and Campus Ministry may not take too kindly to the aforementioned remarks.  They may not find them “positive”.  Lest we be accused of not “being constructive”, we’ll contribute to their “ecospirituality” theme. You see, it seems that they neglected to select a theme song.  And we all know that a theme is no good unless you have a touchy-feely theme song to go with it.  Perhaps a fit of “qigong” inspired me to compose the following little jingle, that can be sung to the tune of “This Old Man.  I call it “An Ode to Eco-spirituality.”  As you sing it, remember a key concept: “We are the earth!”  Anyway, here goes:       

I am dirt!

You are dirt!

With new-age pagan idols we flirt.

And the Magisterium we’re going to subvert,

As we treat our God Himself like dirt!                                          


Tartans, sing it with pride!



LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR MICHAEL STEELE WAFFLES ON EMBRYONIC STEM CELL POSITION Firstly, we of Faithful Catholics of MD/DC, Inc. state that we are NOT organized as a charity under IRS Code Section 501c.  That means, among other things, that we are completely at liberty to make statements about elected officials and politicians, including our opinion about their suitability (or lack thereof) for elected office.  Michael Steele, a Catholic Republican, has his eyes set on the Senate seat that will be vacant once Paul Sarbanes retires.  Would an election victory by Mr. Steele restore sanity to that Senate seat?  We have reason to doubt that, as explained by this flyer.  An earlier version of it was distributed at the Annapolis March for Life, before we learned what he actually said at the Catholic Men’s Fellowship at Curly High School.  There may be hope for him, as long as we keep up the actions suggested in the flyer.  By the way – feel free to print the flyer and distribute it; the more Mr. Steele hears from us, the better.  Let’s not let this fall through the cracks!



PRO-ABORTION RUDULPH GIULIANI PICKETED AT LOYOLA COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS On Friday, May 20, 2005, former New York City mayor Giuliani delivered the commencement address to Loyola’s graduating students at the 1st  Mariner Arena, located at 201 W. Baltimore.  Moreover, Giuliani was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at that time.  Both these actions constitute a direct violation of the USCCB’s statement “Catholics in Political Life” , which states “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.  They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”  Once again we must ask why was a proponent of legalized child murder celebrated in a Catholic institution in Maryland?  Please address your objections to Loyola President David Haddad and/or Vicki Weller, Assistant to the President.  The address for Loyola College is 4501 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210.  Mr. Haddad’s and Ms. Weller’s direct dial number is (410) 617-2201.  The email address for both of them is vweller@loyola.edu.   Also contact Cardinal Keeler at 320 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201, phone (410) 547-5437, fax (410) 547-8234 and/or email cardinal@archbalt.org, to thank him for his courageous rebuke of the Loyola administration.   Additionally, a number of pro-lifers and concerned Catholics were there (in the rain) to make known the reasons why Giuliani’s presence at a Catholic function was completely incongruous.



PRO-ABORTION SENATOR JOE LIEBERMAN PICKETED AT COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME IN BALTIMORE  On April 17, 2005, from 1-4pm, the school hosted a “Spring Open House/Accepted Students Day”.  After that, Senator Lieberman spoke in the LeClerc Auditorium.  The topic was “Facing the Challenges Facing Our Country Today”  Senator Lieberman was Al Gore’s running mate during the 2000 Presidential election.  He has amassed a 100% pro-abortion voting record.  He has absolutely no standing to address Catholics about “challenges”.  If anything, he and his ilk ARE some of the biggest “challenges facing this country today”, as he and they have acted to plunge our country deeper into a moral abyss.  Some stalwart individuals picketed this appearance, displaying visual images of what Lieberman truly supports!  Write to the College of Notre Dame, 4701 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD  21210 to make your displeasure known!  Write especially to: Mary Pat Seurkamp, President.  Also call her at 410-532-5300. 


NEW WAYS SEMINAR HELD ON MARCH 12, 2005 IN SILVER SPRING This link gives details on this event.  The description of this seminar waters down the Church’s teachings regarding homosexual behavior, that is, the gay lifestyle.  Five of us were there, holding signs and distributing literature that summarized the Church’s teaching regarding homosexuality.  It appeared that there were more of us than seminar attendees.  Only two walked out when the seminar was originally scheduled to adjourn.   Could this be a sign that more and more Catholics are seeing just how vacuous is the mentality that drives these dissenters?  We had some nice conversations with people passing by and were able to explain the Church’s teaching.


BISHOPS’ MEETING PICKET – On Monday, November 15th, 2004, 5-7 PM at the Hyatt Regency, 400 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington DC, approximately 20 concerned Catholics gathered outside to implore the bishops to show concern both for the Eucharist and the souls of disobedient Catholic politicians.  Click here for details!


AFTER THEIR DUBIOUS MEETING…  The USCCB has joined the politically-correct pundits in bashing Mel Gibson’s excellent movie The Passion of the Christ.  The group Roman Catholic Faithful put out an excellent press release in response to this obvious pandering on the part of USCCB.  We concur with the RCF!


IN HIS OWN WORDS!  On December 8th, 2004, (Feast of the Immaculate Conception), Cardinal McCarrick was interviewed by National Public Radio.  The topic was his stance regarding the distribution of Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians.  Click here to hear him in his own words (you’ll need to have either RealAudio or Windows Media players, but they’re downloadable).  Regarding such distribution, note his own words, “The Holy See has made clear that bishops are not obliged to deny Communion..”  However, contrast that with Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter!