After Cardinal McCarrick retired, we had hoped that he would have quietly enjoyed his retirement.  However, the number of questionable statements and incidents of outright dissent have actually increased.  Thus we must continue to bring these matters to light.



LEST WE FORGET  The good Cardinal himself motivated the creation of this website by his inaction and studied ignorance of our concerns.  Such is exemplified by the letter we sent to him and the lack of response demonstrated by the Archdiocese of Washington.



CARDINAL MCCARRICK GOES GREEN – OR “SOUL ON ICE”  In the Nov 28th edition of the Catholic Standard, it was revealed that Cardinal McCarrick visited Greenland at the behest of the Pope.to attend a conference on “global warming.”  See the complete article here.   Now we’ve read what the Pope has to say about the matter.  While he does mention the environment as an area of concern, he does not place it before other matters such as the weakening of Christianity vis-à-vis dissident priests/theologians, moral breakdown, growing hostility towards Christians in once-Christian countries, etc.


Unfortunately, it seems that the cardinal has bought into some real junk science.  While the liberal mass media has glommed onto this concept, reputable scientists dispute the bases of the theories behind “global warming”.  Whatever one’s position on the matter, we can see that such is a distraction from more serious matters.  It is one thing to talk about the “meltdown of glaciers”.  However, are there not other “meltdowns” that are of more pressing urgency?  What about the “meltdown” resulting from the gays infesting the priesthood?  What about the “meltdown” resulting from rank disobedience to Canon 915 (much of this fomented by the Cardinal himself)?  What about the “meltdown” caused by millions of abortions, about which many of the clergy have been woefully silent?  These will cause, and are causing, calamities far worse than flooding, etc, yet the Cardinal is diverting attention and energy towards matters that are, in comparison, trivial.


Another thing that bemuses us is his choice of pilgrimage.  Praying before an iceberg??  Might we suggest that it would have been more beneficial if he had preached the truth to the leaders of other religions that were with him, to encourage them to embrace Jesus and His Catholic Church.    However, if you scroll down to the last item in this page, you’ll see that he has quite a problem doing that.  Make no mistake about this, though – he’s not the only bishop so encumbered!  Until there’s some infusion of steel into their spinal columns and fidelity into their bellies, this world will careen towards disasters that will make “global warming” seem like a spring afternoon and “floodings” seem like a bubble bath.


By the way – read this and see how divorce is bad not only for families, not only for children but (gasp!) bad for “Mother Earth”!  Perhaps our shepherds might take heed and return to a proper emphasis on spiritual and moral matters.  Also, Pope Benedict XVI has weighed in on the environmental hysteria.


CARDINAL MCCARRICK ADMITS THE MOTIVES FOR HIS PANDERINGS…..  At least he’s being honest – or is it just shamelessness?  In either event, we have heard what we have long suspected.  For an excellent analysis on the havoc wrecked by the spinelessness of our bishops in general, we recommend this article by the St. Joseph Foundation.  It’s rather lengthy, but worth the time to read it. 


We do wish to highlight why he and others are reluctant to rebuke, much less discipline, prominent Catholics who disobey their Church and God.  We read in the St Joseph Foundation article that he quoted Cardinal Avery Dulles, who said, ” In the first place, the Bishop may be accused, however unfairly, of trying to coerce the politician’s conscience.  Secondly, people can easily accuse the Church of trying to meddle in the political process, which in this country depends on the free consent of the governed.  And finally, the Church incurs a danger of alienating judges, legislators and public administrators whose good will is needed for other good programs, such as the support of Catholic education and the care of the poor.  For all these reasons, the Church is reluctant to discipline politicians in a public way, even when it is clear that their positions are morally indefensible.”  (Note: in a previous version of this page, we erroneously ascribed those words to Cardinal McCarrick himself.  However, while Cardinal McCarrick did not originate those statements, it is clear from the rest of his talk that he embraced them.)


In that final reason, Cardinal McCarrick admits that he and others are in the back pockets of pro-abortion politicians.  His silence has been bought – with 30 pieces of silver?  Babies are dead who could have been alive, had McCarrick (and many other bishops) rebuked pro-death officials and reminded his flock of their duty to vote according to Catholic principles.  Along with the dead babies, we have shattered women, broken families and a blood-stained national conscience.  Let’s not stop there.  How many of these politicians risk losing their salvation because our prelates didn’t preach the word of God to them and didn’t urge them to go to Confession?


CARDINAL MCCARRICK SUPPORTS GAY SHACK-UPS…..  On the CNN program “Situation Room”, hosted by Wolf Blitzer, Cardinal McCarrick granted an interview in the wake of the defeat of the Marriage Amendment effort in the US Senate.  In that interview, His Eminence said that while he supports marriage as being between one man and one woman, “if there are people who for one reason or another just cannot do that or feel they cannot do that, then in order to protect their right to take care of each other, in order to take care of their right to have visitation in a hospital or something like that, I think that you could allow, not the ideal, but you could allow for that for a civil union.”


Obviously His Eminence forgets that the deliberate facilitation of sin is itself a sin.  The entire transcript of this scandalous interview can be found here.  He is not leaving his post soon enough. At the time, we dared to hope that this would be his last pot-shot at the Magisterium and traditional morality.  How silly we were!


By the way – if you want to hear how he values being a “moderate” (How does one “moderate” between good and evil, God and Satan?), click here (you’ll need either Real Audio or Windows Media Player to listen).  At best, this is pathetic.


…AND CONDOMS!!!!!  He made that incredible pronouncement at a “Theology on Tap” session on May 9th  2007.  Click here to read a first-hand account of that scandal!  We can only pray that this man either 1) converts to the authentic Roman Catholic faith or 2) just fades into the woodwork and not offer more scandal in his retirement




burke and benedict versus mccarrick  In October of 2007, Archbishop Raymond Burke of St Louis, MO issued an excellent treatise on Canon 915 as it applies to our current American situation.  Read it here.   He reminds his fellow bishops, and the USCCB itself,  of their obligation (not option, but obligation) to deny Holy Communion to these in obstinate grave public sin.   We remind one and all that at their June 2004 meeting in Denver, a directive from then-Cardinal Ratzinger was given to Cardinal McCarrick and Bishop Gregory to read; in it were Cardinal Ratzinger’s pronouncements on the application of Canon 915.  That memo was obfuscated to the rest of the bishops.  Shortly thereafter, Archbishop Burke gave an interview in which he expressed his concerns; read that interview here.   In a similar interview, Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon confirms Archbishop Burke’s account of the Denver events.


Recently Cardinal McCarrick took strong umbrage at Archbishop Burke’s treatise.  Read about that here and here.   Do you notice how McCarrick regurgitates the “seamless garment” canards as he tries to justify his dissent?  Also, please take note of Ms. Brown’s observation, that the Cardinal’s remarks take dissent from the Magisterium to a new low.  Do we have here degradation to heresy and outright schism? 



CARDINAL MCCARRICK PRAYS TO ALLAH!!!   On September 13, 2005, at the Catholic University of America, Cardinal McCarrick addressed some dignitaries from Jordan.     In that address (click this to read the complete text), he invoked Allah – three times!  Notice that he mentioned Jesus Christ not once!   At the very least, the Cardinal needs a refresher course on basic Ten Commandment teaching.  The First Commandment is: “I am the Lord your God; you shall have no strange gods before Me.”  Perhaps His Eminence thought he was being “sensitive”.  If so, he forgot the words from Luke 9:26 “For he that shall be ashamed of Me and of my words, of him the Son of man shall be ashamed, when he shall come in his majesty, and that of his Father, and of the holy angels.”  He seems to have forgotten that he is a successor to the Holy Apostles, and Whose bishop he is.  Clearly he provided bad example and witness to the Jordanian dignitaries; as bishop, his first concern should have been the salvation of their immortal souls.  In invoking Allah, he deceived them for what is only, at best, temporal gain.  UPDATE as of Aug 08!  Our colleagues at the Orlando Truth have written an excellent treatise on the Islamic religion and why it is so inimical to Christianity and to civilization itself.  Read it by clicking here – it is a pdf and thus downloadable.  It’s well worth circulating to your friends!