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”support our aging Religious” soils itself   On page 16 of the August 6, 2009 edition of the Catholic Standard, we are advised of yet another wining-and-dining of pro-abortion celebrities to garner a few dollars.  Cokie and Steve Roberts, on November 7, are slated to receive the 2009 Elizabeth Ann Seton Award at SOAR’s annual dinner.  This affair will occur at the Grand Hyatt Washington in DC; VIP reception will begin at 6pm, regular one at 6:30 and the dinner will start at 7:30.

The article touts their publishing career.  However, not all is wonderful about what they have published.  We won’t reinvent the wheel, but read here to learn of some of their very public dissent from the Magisterium regarding the sanctity of life and their attacks on the Holy Father.  This couple does NOT deserve any kind of Catholic award from a Catholic institution.  They need a call to repentance.

ACTION ITEM:  We need to contact SOAR, to let them know that if they don’t replace this dissenting couple with a recipient who adheres to the Magisterium, that not only will we not support them, but they can expect a picket on the evening of this planned debacle.  Send emails to: info@soar-usa.org..  Also notify Msgr John Enzler, who is their board chair of your displeasure.  He is at Blessed Sacrament parish, just on the border between MD and DC (west side).  His email is: jenzler@blessedsacramentdc.org.  Also protest to Archbishop Wuerl; his contact information is on our “What You Can Do” page.

An aside about SOAR:  Prior to its recent move (near Providence Hospital), SOAR was located on the third floor of 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring.  If that street address is ominously familiar to some, it’s with good cause.  On the 4th floor of that same building is a branch office of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC.  They commit abortions in that facility.  In early 2004, some of us commenced Rosaries and sidewalk counseling on a weekly basis.  When we became aware that SOAR was located in that building, we were hoping for some support from SOAR.  During the week, one of our number visited SOAR to introduce us to them and see what help they would lend.  He pointed out that one key reason why our aging religious are in dire straits is that young people, who might have had vocations, were simply aborted.  He was told, in no uncertain terms, that we could expect no help from them whatsoever.  Gee!  We thought we were on the same team.  Apparently they valued their peaceful coexistence with their murderous fellow tenant more than their Catholic identity!  Do they now value money more than their Catholicism?


ARCHDIOCESAN PAROCHIAL EDUCATION IN POSSIBLE PERIL   An alert area Catholic put forth this warning:

“THE ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON D.C. IS CURRENTLY CONDUCTING “CONSULATION MEETINGS” in order TO CLOSE OR CONSOLIDATE THE PARISH SCHOOLS IN Montgomery Co. and northwest D.C.. These meetings have been not publicly announced; they have not been mentioned in either the Catholic Standard or your Parish Bulletin, even though you WILL BE directly affected by the Archdiocese plan.   The closing of schools is not parish or school generated; this is from the Archdiocese with only minimal input from parents and parish administrators. Every school and parish in Montgomery County and upper Northwest D.C. will be affected.  You need to be informed before it is too late. For more information on this go to http://awashingtondccatholic.blogspot.com/  or callJane Belford or Tom Burnford at the Archdiocese. 301-853-3800 they are conducting the consolation meetings. An arbitrary date of May 9 has been set by the Archdiocese.  Ask to have this date extended, so all Catholic parents and parishioners can be part of the process. Ask to have the “consultation meetings”  open for all, not just a few chosen individuals.


Without the backbone of Parish Parochial Schools the  religious and social fabric of our community is enormously affected. The role of the Parish and the Parish priest is greatly diminished. The transmission of our Faith is adversely affected.”  (end quote)


This webmaster has received no notification of such meetings in the parish bulletin.  We agree that the contemplation of such action requires the input of all stakeholders; that includes all who contribute in any way towards archdiocesan activities – particularly financially.


We were able to obtain a copy of the 36-page “Policy Options 2009”.  We now make them available for your perusal.  Because of the file size, we have divided it into two files: first half and second half.  Please read it closely.  Note on page 8 the concept of the “regional school”.  We see this in certain areas already.


At this time, May 9th is past.  We do, however, believe that they should accommodate the Catholics of this diocese who care deeply about the education of our young people.


NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY SOILS ITSELF   One would have to be an ostrich with head in dirt not to be aware of how the Catholic heritage of Notre Dame has been utterly besmirched by its own president, Fr John I Jenkins, C.S.C.   Fr. Jenkins has invited Barack Hussein Obama, current resident of the White House, to speak at the commencement ceremony on May 17, 2009.  Can anyone imagine inviting Adolph Hitler, Emperor Nero or Saddam Hussein to speak?  (Uh..come to think of it, there is a fellow named “Hussein” coming now, isn’t there?)? 

Quite a few bishops have made their displeasure known regarding this travesty – as they should.  We note that the bishop of the Fort Wayne diocese (in which Notre Dame is located), John M. D’Arcy, has announced that he will boycott the commencement ceremonies, owing to Obama’s presence.  Here is a list of bishops who have issued similar statements to date.  Notice, though, who’s not on that list!  Yep!  Archbishop Donald Wuerl has yet to utter a peep about this!  Why?  We also notice that Bishop Paul Loverde is likewise absent from that list.  We certainly hope that these prelates will stand for the Magisterium very soon in this matter; else they will provide yet more justification for Randall Terry’s request for their reassignments (go down two articles below this).  We are pleased to note, however, that Baltimore’s Archbishop O’Brien has lent his voice to the protest.

Please go to this site http://stopobamanotredame.com/ to learn how you can stand up for the Church and Our Lady.  Add to the list of folks to contact the two local bishops named above.  They cannot continue to remain silent in the face of this onslaught and still have any real credibility.


RANDALL TERRY AND ARCHBISHOP BURKE EXPOUND UPON CANON 915   Read the article below for some background.  On March 25, 2009, Archbishop Raymond Burke granted to Randall Terry an interview in which he expounded upon the requirements of Canon 915.  We remember from his time in St. Louis that Archbishop Burke not only “talked the talk”, but he “walked the walk” of a true bishop.   We present now a transcript of this most important interview.  We will actually do so twice.   What you see here is what was presented to us, untouched.   We went through it, highlighted what we thought are key statements and made comments to the side.  You can read that here.  One key point is that Archbishop Burke states, in plain English, that the bishops have no option; they must withhold Holy Communion from pro-abortion politicians.  There is no wiggle-room for “pastoral decisions” or any other sort of cop-out nonsense.  Read it for yourself.  Print them out, if you wish.  Make these known.


RANDALL TERRY, OTHERS, MEET VATICAN OFFICIALS TO PETITION FOR WUERL AND LOVERDE REPLACEMENTS   Read here.  The proverbial gauntlet has been cast, albeit very respectfully.  The case has been explicitly laid before the Vatican, without any “diplomatic tippy-toeing”.  We refer you here to see what this pro-life delegation presented to the Vatican officials; now they must decide.  We join with Mr. Terry and the other visitors in praying that Rome acts with the boldness needed to rid the Catholic Church of the poison within its system.  Only thus can the Church, and ultimately civilization, be healed.   Oremus!


KNIGHTS OF MALTA GOING DOWN the TUBES?   They’re about to admit former DC mayor Anthony Williams into their ranks.  He’s an unrepentant pro-abort gay-panderer, and was so during his stint as mayor.  Read more detail here.  Also therein is contact information for the Knights of Malta.  Urge them to bar admission until and unless he publicly repents.

Good news update already!   Well that didn’t take long!  It just goes to show what vigilant and diligent Catholics can accomplish when they act on their beliefs.  The Knights of Malta sat up and took notice!  If only the Catholic bishops were so responsive when it comes to enforcement of Canon 915.


GOVERNOR O’MALLEY TO BE CELEBRATED AT BALTIMORE BASILICA 3/8/2009   The ostensible occasion is an “Interfaith Prayer Service to End the Death Penalty”.  Details of that can be found at the Maryland Catholic Conference website.  As you look at the list of notable personages, you’ll see that Governor O’Malley is listed.  Yes, this is the same Governor O’Malley who was the keynote speaker at Maryland NARAL’s annual fundraiser last autumn.  This is yet another “Catholic” pro-abortion politician who needs to be rebuked for the sake of his own soul, if nothing else.  The bishops and MCC also need to be challenged on their misplaced priorities, in emphasizing capital punishment over the more heinous problem of abortion.

We intend to do these, by distributing this flyer at the Assumption Basilica.   Please join us.  You may wish to print some copies for your own distribution.  Please pass word of this to your other contacts.

Good news update  It’s CANCELLED!  That can be confirmed by clicking on the MCC link in the first paragraph.  We don’t know why it was cancelled, but we are grateful that the Basilica of the Assumption will be spared that defilement.  However, we can and should contact the MCC and the Maryland Catholic bishops to register our displeasure at the invitation of a pro-abortion politician such as Governor O’Malley.  Use the flyer above for facts.  We should also make known to them the lack of sense of proportion that they display in focusing so much attention on capital punishment to the neglect of unborn children.  If they truly were interested in social justice, they would devote commensurate attention and effort to the preservation of thousands of babies.  While we’re at it, let’s write to the governor; we understand that he joined a public demonstration against capital punishment.  Will he be so willing to demonstrate at the abortuaries where scores of Maryland babies are executed daily?


GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY PEDDLES DISSIDENT BOOK    First , a word to our politically-correct, mother-earth-worshipping trolls who might be reading this.  Please accept our deepest apologies on behalf of Georgetown University Press for the needless, senseless deaths of thousands of trees.  Moreover, we regret the attendant litter and trash that they dare sell for money!  We weep for the trees!

The source of our regret truly is a piece of trash, you may witness for yourselves.  This gushing review is enough to make the faithful Catholic nauseous, so there’s no need to spend the $27.00; it’s nothing but pabulum.  This silliness, and the two others mentioned below, makes three instances in less than two weeks, of DC Jesuits making idiots of themselves through their dissension and lunacy.  The truly great Jesuits, from St Ignatius Loyola down to the late Father John Hardon, must be spinning in their graves (although the latter knew full well of the nuttiness of so many of his fellows).


HOLY TRINITY CHURCH ELEVATES BIDEN OVER EUCHARIST   From this we read how Holy Mass was trivialized by the Holy Trinity parish in northwest DC on Sunday, January 18th, in order to do obeisance to the pro-abortion Vice President Joseph Biden.  Among other things, this is a direct slap in the face to Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, as Canon 915 was once again relegated to a dust bin in the hearts and minds of the priests.  This is our letter that we are sending to the pastor.  We urge similar action on your parts.  Here is the contact information for the parish.  Those of you who are parishioners might consider cutting back, or ceasing altogether, any weekly offerings.  By the way – this parish is administered by Jesuits (surprise!).

Update!   The parish office of Holy Trinity took possession of our letter (sent via certified mail) on January 21st, approximately lunch time.  We’ll keep you abreast of developments.  Meanwhile, please lodge your own protests!

Other area Catholic institutions that groveled before Obama can be found here.  We’re not surprised at Trinity College’s antics, since that school spewed forth the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius.   However, other local churches hosted inaugural balls, celebrating the promotion of even more abortion on demand.  Scroll down to read how the pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help makes a fool of himself, waxing breathlessly (and brainlessly) lyrical about “tremendous excitement” and “experiencing the joy”!   Please!!


MORE NONSENSE FROM gEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: THE GAY-PANDERING VARIETY   Please read this from the Washington Times.  We needn’t rehash it here; Ms Dunn’s article says it all.  We do find it odd that Georgetown President DeGioia has spared the Jewish and Muslim chaplains from this insult to their beliefs and morals.  It’s the Christian denominations that are having this pig-slop crammed down their throats.  It’s called “political correctness”, the doctrine whereby Christians must jettison their faith and morals to affirm various abominations and atrocities, but the dogmas and sensibilities of other religions must remain inviolate.  In this case, we most certainly do not begrudge the respect being afforded to the Jews and Muslims; we simply insist that Christians be afforded the same courtesy, especially from an ostensibly Christian school.


KNIGHTS FOR OBAMA ??!?!?!?   We thank our colleagues at “A Washington DC Catholic” blogspot for pointing out this atrocity, which has some very local stench.  When one thinks of “knights”, one thinks of dedicated, honorable soldiers who defend the helpless and who know right from wrong.  When we think of the Knights of Columbus, we think of men who are loyal to the Church and obedient to the Magisterium.  So isn’t the term “Knights for Obama” a bit of an oxymoron, given Obama’s pledge to foster and foment baby-killing?  Yet such a warped concept exists.  See this.  (Note: Our link is to a Google cache of the website.  As of early January, the original site is down.  Perhaps Supreme did do something about it – although not before the damage was done!)

Now let’s look at the “local stench” part.  On that web page you will see a bunch of testimonials from so-called “Knights of Columbus.”  Actually, it would be quite accurate to dub them “false knights”, since they are lending their voices to one who would prey on defenseless babies.  Now scroll all the way down.  Near the bottom, you’ll see a local Silver Spring “knight” – one John Koback.  It appears that not only is he a “knight”, but he is the parish accountant for Our Lady of Grace.  This is nuts!  Here we have an Obamaphile calling himself a Knight of Columbus and handling parish money and books?  Fellow Catholics, there is much wrong with this picture!

In an attempt to correct this matter, we sent letters to the pastor of Our Lady of Grace.  Surmising, due to geographic locations, that Mr. Kobank is attached to the Father Maher Council, we sent one to the Grand Knight of that council and copied the State Deputy.  The letters were sent via certified mail on December 26, 2008.  They can be viewed here and here.   The State Deputy’s office received the letter on December 29th.  We have not yet received a reply.  The Grand Knight’s office received theirs January 3rd.  We have not yet received a reply from them either; however, it is quite possible that Mr. Kobank is not attached to the Father Maher council.

Most disappointing, but not terribly surprising, is the feedback received from the letter to Father Sweeney.  To understand it, you actually have to see the thing for yourselves, so here it is, in all its dubious glory!  Notice that the reply, stating that they “disregard anonymous correspondence”, is itself anonymous!  There’s not even a return address on the envelope.  It’s not on parish stationery or letterhead – most likely because it didn’t come from the parish!  The sender attached a copy of our letter, which you’ll see on the second page.  Note the two blobs, one to the left of our logo and one at the bottom.  Unfortunately this isn’t clear on this pdf copy, but it’s clear on what they sent.  As we hold the letter to an angle, we can see that the blobs were meant to obscure comments from “PJS” to “John” (didn’t quite succeed!).  Under the blob by the logo we can read, “FYI John PJS”.  The one near the bottom says “No signiture!  PJS”  (Yes, PJS really did misspell the word “signature”).  Now don’t you just wonder who on earth “PJS” and “John” can be?  Can we venture to guess that they are in fact the pastor and Mr. Kobank himself?  What else can this mean but that Father Sweeney simply handed our letter to Mr. Kobank, who then crafted this ridiculous reply?  Talk about a lame attempt to dismiss our concerns.  To illustrate further its absurdity, notice that he claims that “post office box number doesn’t qualify as address”?  What??!?!  Well someone better tell the United States Post Office this!  If it doesn’t qualify, then how, oh how, did this thing come into our possession?  On a more serious note, we can only surmise that Father Sweeney really doesn’t care that he has someone in a position of responsibility in his parish who is in fact lending support to abortion.  To support Obama is to support abortion – plain and simple.

On that same parish page is the contact information for the pastor.  We suggest that Father’s feet be held to the fire on this one.  It is scandalous that an Obama supporter and public dissenter should occupy a role of responsibility in a Catholic parish.  Urge the pastor to have a chat with Mr. Koback in the manner worthy of a true shepherd of souls, as Mr. Koback may well be placing his immortal soul in jeopardy.  If Father Sweeney continues to dismiss this matter, he may well jeopardize his own salvation.

We should also urge Supreme Knight Carl Anderson to purge the Knights of those individuals who have aligned themselves with the Obamaphiles in such a manner.  For them to continue to call themselves Knights only besmirches those good and honorable men who are truly worthy of the title “Knight of Columbus”.

Update: As a follow-up to the lame, wimp-out reply that we received, we are attempting a second letter to Father Sweeney.  Again, we urge one and all to contact this pastor.  We have not yet heard from the KofC State Deputy on this matter.


CCHD BOYCOTT FOLLOW-UP   Oh, to be a fly on the wall of one of those CCHD offices!  The cash intake had to have been greatly reduced this year.   As a harbinger of what most likely happened in many dioceses, we can read an account of the collection as it occurred with our neighbors south of the Potomac, in the Diocese of Arlington.  Read this Washington Times article.  God bless Fathers DeCelles, Kleinmann, Vander Woode and others for their accurate candor in describing the CCHD and their abysmal uses of donated dollars.  There is one chilling note in that article.  Joelle Santolla, a diocesan spokesperson, warned that parishes that skipped the CCHD collection would be “followed up for future collections.”  Now what the hell, pray tell, is that supposed to mean???  Do we hear the Gestapo-like boot-clomping as they try for yet another shake-down?

Forgive us for not shedding a tear at the reduced booty-haul.  If they shave a few hundred thousand from the IAD and other Alynskyite groups, and cut ACORN off permanently, any legitimate charities should suffer not the slightest ill effect.  Come to think of it, CCHD, at best, is just a glorified “middleman”.  Dispense with it altogether and start giving directly to truly worthwhile charities.


BOYCOTT THE CCHD COLLECTION!   Perhaps you arrived at this site because you saw our flyer to boycott the CCHD.   Here we will provide some more facts regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development so that you can be aware of its harmful affiliations.  We start by making clear that we impugn no motive of anyone who works for the CCHD.  That is not our purpose.  What is our purpose is to detail the harm done by the CCHD, regardless of motives. 

As noted in that flyer, CCHD has given huge sums of money to ACORN – about 30% of their grants have been to ACORN chapters throughout the country.  Only recently have they suspended funding, owing to ACORN’s voter fraud.  However, they are only suspending, not terminating funding.  Moreover, CCHD remains oblivious to ACORN’s other unsavory characteristics – why?

There is much needed information regarding the squalid association between CCHD and ACORN.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, as it were, we direct you to some of those sources.  Among those sources is the Catholic Media Coalition (of which we are a member).  Please go to www.catholicmediacoalition.org and click on their “CCHD section.”  The Power Point presentation is particularly excellent.  Moreover, there are some excellent flyers to download, along with an open letter to the U.S. bishops.

Then go to this site to see an ACORN convention (note – see “part 2” and others at the right of the screen) – and your CCHD donations at work!  Is this how you want your donation dollars spent?  Then you can go to the site www.rottenacorn.com to read an expose of their various fraudulent activities. 

How much does CCHD give to ACORN?  Well, go to the USCCB’s own site.  Scroll to the bottom and open up any one of the pdfs, listing grantees by year.  Just count the number of ACORN affiliates that received grants (note – some are listed under the acronym ACORN; others have the full name “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”).  It’s time for the Church to stop funding organizations that are socialistic, humanistic and anti-life.

Again – we call upon all Catholics to boycott the collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Within the Baltimore and Washington archdioceses, this collection will take place during the weekend of Nov 22-23, 2008.  Here are some steps to take:

·        Let your pastor know why you are boycotting this collection.  If you use the collection envelopes, place a note in that envelope (in lieu of the donation) explaining why you decline to donate.  You may use this or this if you wish.

·        Let the CCHD know why you are boycotting them.  Let them know that you aren’t satisfied with their “suspension” and that you want them to permanently cease all funding to left-wing groups before you donate any more money.   Their contact information is here.

Spread the word of this boycott around.  Here is the flyer that you may have seen.  Print it and distribute it.  Email it


DOROTHY DAY MUST BE SPINNING IN HER GRAVE!  In their pursuit of social justice, the Catholic Worker movement followers seem to have fallen into leftist, dissident booby traps.  Read it here.  On September 5. 2008, they allowed a female priestess-wannabee into their Northwest facility to engage in a blasphemous fake “mass” – in other words, sacrilege.   By the way – read this about the Silver Spring CW house.  Go to the “links” section at the bottom.  Notice that they link to the US Communist Party?

It sure seems that when Catholic outreaches emphasize issues that are also given lip-service by dissidents (most of the “peace and justice” matters), they wind up dissenting from the Magisterium themselves – or they fail to oppose those who do dissent.  For a “case-in-point”, scroll down a bit on this page to read about “Marxism at Maryland Catholic Conference”. 

Another “case-in-point” is that many of the Archdiocese of Washington parishes have glommed onto the Just Faith program.  This program was founded by Jack Jezreel. In fact, Jezreel himself came to the DC area to introduce this program.  However, read, in Jezreel’s own words, the effects of this program on people who have gone through it – people who are now advocates for women’s ordination and gay rights.  Yes, yes, we know – you might think you can “separate the wheat from the chaff”.  However, in so doing, you lend credibility to an arguable heretic.  Besides, do we really think we can eat fruit from a poisoned tree and not suffer any ill effects?  Even if you could, why bother?  Anyway, doesn’t it make one wonder why this mess was ever insinuated into the Washington diocese?


archbishop wuerl’S ATTITUDE TOWARDS CANON 915  In the May 1st edition of the Catholic Standard, Archbishop Wuerl reiterates his erroneous attitude towards Canon 915.  Read here.  (Please keep this window open as we will be referring to the article throughout this analysis.)  To understand this article, some background information is necessary.  During the April 1008 visit by Pope Benedict XVI, a number of “Catholic” pro-abortion politicians received Holy Communion.  A careful reading of those accounts reveals that such was done out of view of the Holy Father; he simply couldn’t see what was going on.  Was that by design?  Hmmm.

One of those so receiving was Rudy Giuliani.  To his credit, Cardinal Egan of New York rebuked Giuliani by name for his utter defiance.  Immediately, conservative Catholic internet newswires commented on this, and openly wondered whether Archbishop Wuerl would follow suit, now that Egan raised the bar.   They lauded Egan’s “courage”.  We for one won’t go so far – yet!  Why?  Giuliani will most likely hold the Cardinal’s rebuke in disdain.  The question now is, what real  consequences will the Cardinal impose upon Giuliani?  One real bar-raiser, in our opinion, is Bishop Burke of St Louis who excommunicated the women-priestess-wannabees and suspended a disobedient parish.  Now there’s a bishop!  Still, for Cardinal Egan, this rebuke of his does mark real progress.  There does seem to be some growth in comprehension.  That is commendable, and we hope and pray for God’s grace for him to follow through, should such action be rendered necessary by Giuliani’s expected disregard.

At any rate, Catholic internet sites are comparing the actions of Cardinal Egan with the non-action of Archbishop Wuerl.  Read some here and here.  As you can see, there was much speculation about if and how Wuerl would respond.  For the worse, Wuerl ended that speculation.  Read below why we believe his so-called “Reflection Again on Faith and Public Life” is a travesty. 

He starts his article by asking “have we not been down this road many, many times before?”  Well, yes we have – by sheer necessity.  That necessity is occasioned by disdain for Canon 915.  In the piece below (about the Washington Times interview) we quoted Canon 915 in its entirety; for convenience, we have emboldened it.  We want to point out to His Excellency that we too are tired of rehashing Church teachings.  However, our concern for its integrity, as well as the salvation of souls, impels us to broach this matter once again.  We will continue to do so as long as ecclesial disregard for Church teaching renders such necessary.  In other words, we’re not going away!

After touting the Rally for Life that the Archdiocese sponsors on the day of the March for Life, the Archbishop delves into the meat of his missive, that is, why he thinks it is acceptable to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to pro-abort politicians in the Archdiocese of Washington.  To start, let’s look at Canon 915 (below).  Certainly we can agree that those pro-abortion politicians, by their various votes to facilitate baby-murder and other ongoing support of the same, are examples of those who “obstinately persist in manifest grave sin.”  Notice what follows.  They “are not to be admitted to holy communion.”  It does not say “should not be admitted”, but rather “are not to be admitted”.  If the first phrase, rather than the second, was the one found in Canon 915, we’d agree that such constitutes an option to deny Holy Communion.  However, we do not have the suggestive, but rather the imperative voice in operation in Canon 915.  In short, Canon 915 mandates that pro-abortion politicians be denied Holy Communion.  The language is quite crystal-clear on the matter.

He then hearkens back to the June 2004 bishops’ meeting.  He quotes the conclusion of that meeting, that is, the individual bishops have discretion within their own dioceses.  Right there, that’s blatant disregard for Canon 915, for that canon does not admit of an option in the matter of denying Holy Communion to pro-aborts.  But wait!  There’s more!  We need to blow the dust off our recollections of that infamous meeting, and recall the outright subterfuge that occurred, that most likely induced some misguided bishops to arrive at that erroneous confusion.  Not only were they misguided, but downright deceived.  To be fair to the current Washington Archbishop, there is no evidence that he concurred in, or was even aware of, the deception.  No, that honor may very well belong to his predecessor, Cardinal McCarrick.  Read this account.  On the occasion of that meeting, then-Cardinal Ratzinger (now the Holy Father) sent to the conference a letter stating that if someone such as a pro-abortion politician presented him/herself for communion, then “the minister of Holy Communion must refuse to distribute it.”  Cardinal McCarrick, the head of the task force working on the question of Holy Communion for pro-aborts, did not divulge the full contents of the future Holy Father’s letter to the other bishops.  Thus, they arrived at their vote based on deliberately-obfuscated guidance.  Since that meeting, this concealment on the part of McCarrick has been broadcast far and wide.  Surely the current archbishop is aware of that fiasco – especially since both Wuerl and McCarrick reside within the Archdiocese of Washington!  Why, oh why, did not Archbishop Wuerl make mention of that in this Standard column??

Moving on, we see that the archbishop says “a decision regarding the refusal of Holy Communion to an individual is one that should be made only after clear efforts to persuade and convince the person that their actions are wrong and bear moral consequences”.  For heaven’s sake!  This matter has been bandied about for years, now!  During all these many years, have not the bishops of these politicians yet fulfilled their solemn, God-given duty in teaching and rebuking these individuals?  If not – why on earth are they waiting?  However, not even that is an excuse!  Given the high-profile nature of this discussion, these politicians cannot possibly claim that they are ignorant that they cannot support abortion and receive Holy Communion, without committing yet another mortal sin, namely sacrilege.   They know very well what they are doing; that’s why they were so careful not to receive during the papal Mass in view of the Pope.  They’re simply sticking their fingers in the eyes of faithful Catholics while piling upon their souls one mortal sin after another.  In addition to giving cause for great scandal, they jeopardize their own eternal salvations; yet the great majority of our U.S. bishops (with the notable exceptions of a courageous few) frankly don’t give a damn.  Their wealth, influence, comfort and prestige blinds them to their spiritual duties.

His next sentence is “presumably this is done in the home diocese where the bishops and priests, the pastors of souls, engage the members of their flock in this type of discussion. In the case of public figures who serve in Washington as representatives of other parts of the nation, this dialogue and any decisions would take place within their home diocese.”  What’s that?  “Presumably”, he says???   In regards to such a crucial matter, presumption is not acceptable.  This is nothing more than a feeble attempt to “pass the buck”, as it were.  We do not doubt that the home bishops of these politicians have responsibility in this matter, but that does not let the Archbishop of Washington off the hook.  Consider..  These politicians – the Federal ones, that is – are casting their murder-facilitating votes in ____________ .  Fill in the blank!  Yep!  The dirty deeds, the mortal sins of formal, material cooperation with abortion, are being committed in Washington, DC!  There aint no avoiding that!  Moreover, in discussing the sacrilegious Holy Communions at the papal Mass, we are talking of events occurring within the Archdiocese of Washington.  Clearly Archbishop Wuerl must speak regarding sins committed within his archdiocese.   That is his clear obligation.  Why is he trying to “pass the buck”?

Let’s all make clear to the archbishop our profound disappointment in this shirking of responsibility.  Perhaps a diversion of funds from the Archbishop’s Appeal to another worthwhile charity might be in order, as well.  We also need to make clear to the Vatican our distress over this continued disobedience and scandal being force-fed to the faithful Catholics in this manner.  A friend of ours has suggested an excellent manner to communicate with His Holiness.  Click here to learn more.


archbishop wuerl’S WASHINGTON TIMES INTERVIEW  This interview appeared on the front page of the March 14, 2008 edition.  He is asked a number of questions.  Some of these received some rather strange answers.  He was asked to comment about the efforts of Prince William County in Virginia to deal with the illegal immigrants.  He gave an answer that very deftly obfuscated the real problem.  He answered, “..do we round up all 10 to 12 million people simply because they’re here and deport them?”   No, no, the issue is not “simply because they’re here”; rather it’s because they’re here illegally!  Ladies and gentlemen – and Your Excellency – that is a critical distinction, and the omission of that distinction is disingenuous.  Now consider. What, among other things, makes the United States of America a desired venue?  Is it not the opportunity and fairness of our system?  One buttress of that fairness is that we are a nation of laws.  Those laws must be obeyed for the good of all.  We wonder if the Casa-types have ever considered that the flouting of our immigration laws is patently unfair to those immigrants who do respect our laws and have been conscientious and honorable enough to emigrate via the proper channels, and that such flouting compromises the underpinnings that make possible the opportunities offered by the USA?  Or do these details never enter into their strange considerations?

Let’s move onto another question – this one about pro-abortion Catholic politicians.  When asked about that, the archbishop starts rambling on about excommunication.  We do notice that not one word was mentioned about the denial of Holy Communion to these individuals: in other words, the enforcement of Canon 915.  Click here to see the entire code.  Canon 915 is short enough, so we’ll quote it right here: Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.”  Will any sane person deny that the blatant support of mass baby-killing is “manifest grave sin”?  It doesn’t take a theological genius to see that the enforcement of Canon 915 is not an option in the case of the pro-abort politicians.  Are we as a church so desirous of powerful and wealthy worldly contacts that we’ll literally sell our corporate soul, not to mention the blood of aborted babies?  Actually, Cardinal McCarrick answered that question already; go to the “McCarrick watch” page and look at the second item.


ARchbishop wuerl hindering summorum pontificum?  First, let’s examine the document itself and the Holy Father’s accompanying letter to the bishops.  Article 2 makes quite clear that the permission of the local ordinary for the celebration of the Tridentine Mass is NOT required!  However, the current Archbishop of Washington doesn’t seem to understand that point, judging from a letter that he sent in January 1008.  See here for details on that letter.  What part of “the priest has no need for permission from the Apostolic See or from his Ordinary” is confusing to so many prelates? 


DIGNITY MASSES IN DC AND ARLINGTON VA DIOCESES?  It’s right here on the Dignity/Washington website.  At least the two locations are not Catholic churches.  They’re Episcopal.  We suppose this is par for the course for them these days.  However, are these Masses being celebrated by duly ordained Catholic priests?  If so, the two diocesan bishops must discipline them.  We must point out also, that Archbishop Wuerl did allow Dignity masses when he was the Pittsburgh bishop.  This would be one time that it would be preferable for some woman-priestess-wannabe to be “presiding”; at least the Eucharist wouldn’t be desecrated. 


MARXISM AT MARYLAND CATHOLIC CONFERENCE?  This grim possibility occurred to us when their latest published statement appeared in the Catholic Standard.  Click here for a link to the MCC’s “Statement on Taxation” and an explanation of why we believe this document bodes ill for American Catholic “social justice” thought, as opposed to social teaching put forth by the Successors of Peter. 

Shortly after we originally posted this expose of faulty social teaching, our colleagues in Orlando Florida, “The Orlando Truth”, released their newsletter (March/April 2008).  The lead article therein confirms and crystallizes our concerns.  With their kind permission, we make that article available to you here.   The first two sections are very apropos to our situation, even though this is primarily intended for Florida residents.  We changed the color in one sentence to red.  As you read that sentence, consider this: when we ascribe to the state the authority as “chief provider”, we also ascribe to it the power over life and death of the people under its purview.  In short, the bestowal of this immense authority upon the state is nothing less than an invitation for the state to usher in the godless Culture of Death.  Now remember – the MCC’s document declares that the state is to provide for the needs of all!  Do we now see how utterly deadly is this “Statement on Taxation”?



OPEN IDOLATRY AT SHRINE OF IMMACULATE CONCEPTION  This occurred on November 13, 2007.  The occasion was the “28th Annual Interfaith Concert: A Celebration of the Sacred in Song, Dance and Chant.”  This took place in the Upper Church – right on the altar!  Anyone who has been to the Shrine will recall the large mosaic of Our Lord in Judgment.  He looks rather stern and – dare I say it? –   Judgmental!  It was very appropriate; sadly, not too many people in attendance recognized that.  Underneath Our Lord’s stare, Hindus, Sikhs and Moslems prayed to their own false gods – right in front of the altar.  Click here to see the letter that we wrote to the Shrine rector.  Note that in the letter we referred to an enclosed copy of the concert program.  After mailing it, we realized we forgot to enclose the pertinent pages.  No problem!  They are right here! 

Please write to the rector yourselves.  See the letter for the address – or email him!  Sin against the First Commandment was committed on that evening.  The pagans of the false creeds were ill-served by the pandering and terrible example presented by Shrine personnel and clergy. 



UNDER ARCHBISHOP WUERL, HOLY COMMUNION WILL REMAIN VULNERABLE TO DESECRATION  The article below details how the Archbishop was silent as Nancy Pelosi, unrepentant in her pro-abortion stance, sacrilegiously received Holy Communion.  Our colleagues at California Catholic Daily interviewed the archbishop shortly after that occasion.  Read it here.  Also read here what Father Neuhaus has to say about this dismal state of affairs. 



PELOSI COMMITS SACRILEGE TRINITY COLLEGE MASS ON JAN 3, 2007 – aRCHBISHOP wUERL NON-RESPONSIVE  We published the announcement below, attempting to prevent the anticipated bestowal of Holy Communion to a publicly dissident Catholic who has used her position to support baby-murder, and who has in effect pledged to continue to do so.  We sent our letter to Archbishop Wuerl on December 26, 2006 via Certified Mail.  The return receipt indicates that the chancery received it on December 29th.  We received no reply (which is, sadly, no surprise).  Others contacted the chancery and received the lame, cop-out canard that “the archdiocese has nothing to say”.  Owing to the local bishop’s responsibility for all that occurs in his see, such an excuse is a lie.   Now we must let the archbishop know, respectfully but in no uncertain terms, our displeasure.  He can be contacted at the below address or at chancery@adw.org.

To aid in your communications, we provide the following points that you may wish to include.

1)     Point out that he has a pastoral concern for Ms. Pelosi’s soul while she resides in this archdiocese during the congressional session

2)     Point out that he, through his silence, has allowed Ms. Pelosi to incur the guilt of a sacrilegious Communion, which is itself a mortal sin

3)     Point out that he has provided scandal to the faithful at large through his apparent indifference to the Eucharist

4)     Point out that Canon 915 mandates (not suggests) the correct stance in such matters as directed by the Holy See

5)     Point out that your contribution dollars may shrink as a result of his spinelessness (sadly, this may be the only thing that catches his attention)

6)     The president of Trinity College acknowledges the receipt of criticism of Trinity’s bestowal of honor upon Pelosi.  Click here to add yours. 

Will the chancery like us as a result?  Of course not.  However, we are the Church Militant, not the Church Mellow nor the Church Milquetoast.  We’re not put on earth to be liked, but to be obedient to Our Lord.  By the way – there were Christian stalwarts who spoke the truth during Pelosi’s grandstanding in early January.  Go to www.prolifenews.tv to see more.

To contact His Excellency Archbishop Donald Wuerl:

P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC
20017-0260 USA

Phone: 301-853-4500



PELOSI TO ATTEND TRINITY COLLEGE MASS ON JAN 3, 2007  The below article is from Lifesitenews.com.  Some points to consider:


Bishop Wuerl, up until now (at least to the best of my knowlege) has not had occasion to make his attitudes on such matters explicit since he came to Washington.  Perhaps we can get him properly acquainted with some of us who are not afraid to make our voices heard.


As far as ettiquette goes, "Your Eminence" is not a proper salutation for him, as that is reserved for cardinals.  "Your Excellency" is appropriate.  If you send "snail-mail", I recommend that you send it via certified mail with return receipt requested.


Also, please go to the Trinity website, www.trinitydc.edu, and see how they chortle not only about Pelosi, but also about Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas.  She's equally pro-abortion and has aided and abetted notorious third-trimester abortionist George Tiller, aka "Tiller the Killer", who operates out of Wichita.  Please contact Trinity; certainly you should go after the president and the public relations people.  Contact info is on the website.


Please check back here for updates.  And now, the article..



Will New Archbishop of Washington Deny Pro-Abort Nancy Pelosi Communion at Jan. 3 Showcase Mass?

Pelosi scheduled to attend Mass at Trinity College in Washington as endorsement of alma mater and her Catholic faith

By John Jalsevac

WASHINGTON, December 19, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) - As Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—a pro-abortion legislator who claims to be a practicing Catholic—prepares to celebrate her new role as House Speaker-elect, she also plans on airing her purported faith during an upcoming public Mass. On Jan. 3, Rep. Pelosi is scheduled to attend Mass at Trinity College in Washington as an endorsement of her alma mater and her Catholic faith.

In response to the announcement, however, American Life League has implored Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. to intervene in an effort to prevent Pelosi from using the Mass for political gain.

The former Washington Archbishop, Theodore McCarrick, consistently refused to take any disciplinary action—even the most basic of refusing Holy Communion—against Catholic politicians who persistently and publicly espoused views that seriously contradict Catholic teaching. The current Archbishop, Donald Wuerl, who was installed in June of this year, has not yet indicated how he will deal with such renegade Catholic politicians. Pelosi’s attendance at the Trinity College Mass will be a test-case for Wuerl on the issue.   

"Rep. Pelosi has been unwavering in her support for abortion and is downright defiant toward the Church's teachings on the sanctity of human life," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

Brown has written to Archbishop Wuerl requesting that he do all in his power to stop the event. "Rep. Pelosi has a tremendous opportunity to make a difference for all human beings as the most powerful Catholic in Congress," said Brown. "Unfortunately, she continually supports the very act that destroys life rather than protects it. It is for this reason that a Catholic institution should not condone or support her position as a legislator."

American Life League and other conservative and Catholic organizations in the United States have consistently urged Catholic bishops to uphold Church teaching by denying Holy Communion to public figures who persistently condone the crime of abortion. Catholics believe that it is sacrilegious for someone in a state of serious sin—such as the public supporting of abortion—to receive the Eucharist.

In the past Pelosi has announced her intent to continue receiving Holy Communion, despite her pro-abortion views.

"Allowing Rep. Pelosi to receive honor at a Catholic college sends mixed signals about what the Catholic Church teaches," said Brown. "The bottom line is, abortion kills a living human being created in the image and likeness of God and is therefore always wrong. Because of this truth, it is unconscionable for Rep. Pelosi to call herself a Catholic in good standing while supporting the heinous act of abortion. We are hopeful that Archbishop Wuerl will intercede in this situation and prevent Rep. Pelosi from adding to an ongoing scandal."

"It is shameful that Trinity College, a supposedly Catholic institution, has turned a blind eye to the heretical views Pelosi embraces."

The office of the Archbishop of Washington was unable to provide any statement from the Archbishop for LifeSiteNews.com by press deadline.

To respectfully contact His Eminence Archbishop Donald Wuerl:

P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC
20017-0260 USA

Phone: 301-853-4500

(End article)



SPEAKER SCANDAL AT CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA  On September 14, 2006, Robert Casey Jr. gave a prestigious lecture at CUA’s Columbus School of Law.  Casey Jr is a candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania.  Although a Catholic, Casey Jr espouses positions at variance with the Magisterium in regards to contraception and “gay rights”.  Many suspect that this invitation is a thinly-disguised endorsement of Casey Jr over Rick Santorum.  Santorum, in the opinion of many faithful Catholics, embraces Catholicism much more fully than his opponent.  Here is the press release that was on the CUA website.  It seems at least reasonable to interpret this as an endorsement.  Interestingly enough, the press release was pulled from the site after a faithful Catholic informed CUA of his intention to report this violation of IRS non-profit code to the IRS.


Unfortunately, we learned of this talk only a day before by reading this article from the Washington Times.  We didn’t have time to organize a public protest at the talk.  However, there is still much that can be done.  This talk occurred at the invitation of the Law School Dean, Ms. Veryl Miles; moreover, it occurred with the full consent of CUA President Fr. David O’Connell.  Below is contact information for these individuals, as well as for Archbishop Wuerl, who is chancellor of CUA, and Bishop Lori of Bridgeport, CT, who is Chairman of the CUA Board of Trustees.


Fr David O'Connell   phone 202-319-5100  email president@cua.edu

Ms. Veryl Miles  phone 202-319-5625  email miles@cua.edu

Also, the CUA public affairs office, as cited in the release cua-public-affairs@cua.edu

Archbishop Wuerl  email chancery@adw.org

Bishop Lori  phone 203-416-1364  email bishopsoffice@dpt.org



In addition to communicating with the above individuals, let’s take advantage of the fact that this weekend’s (Sept 16/17) second collection is for the benefit of CUA.  We believe this is God’s providence in allowing us this opportunity to exercise some Spiritual Works of Mercy (admonish the sinner, counsel the doubtful, instruct the ignorant).   You may wish to drop a note in that envelope explaining why you are not giving them money.  We have developed this as a possible stuffer for that envelope.  Please feel free to use it as you deem best (copying the flyer, borrowing points for your own note, etc).


We have yet another means to deal with the debacle of Sept 14th.  As stated above, individuals are reporting this blatant non-profit violation to the IRS.  The proper vehicle for doing so is IRS Form 3949A.  Click here for the form.  We have completed the name, address and EIN of CUA; please complete the rest of the form in your own words and submit it per the instructions.


As stated before, we learned of this too late to initiate any public protest.  In the future, if you learn of anything similar, please notify us at alerts@restore-dc-catholicism.com.  YOU are our eyes and ears!


ADW Priest Punished for Speaking On the Gay-Priest Scandal  On the front page of the April 27th edition of the Washington Post appeared an article regarding Rev. James Moran, former chaplain of the Washington Hospital Center.  He revealed that while he was in the seminary, he was raped by a gay priest.  He told his then-superiors, including Cardinal Law.  He was offered counseling and a financial settlement, but refused it.  The gay-rapist priest is still alive; although retired, he is facing charges of raping an 8-year-old and a mentally-retarded person over the past several years.


During this past Holy Week, at Mass for hospital staffers and patients’ relatives, he related his story, handing them a sheet that went into more detail.  He spoke out against the hierarchy that has white-washed the problem of gay priest-abusers over the years.  Although he was due to retire in two months, the Archdiocese of Washington contacted him the day after that Mass and told him that his priestly credentials were immediately revoked.  The Washington Post article can be found at this link.  The link also includes a pdf file of his handout to the Mass attendees.


We share Father Moran’s belief that he’s being unjustly punished for speaking out.  He was due to retire in a few weeks anyway; why did the chancery deem it necessary to revoke his faculties?  Supposedly they said Father’s actions were “inappropriate”.  We find that odd, given Father Peter Daly’s recent comments in the Catholic Standard (click here for details).  If Father Daly can arbitrarily vilify good people because their opinions differ from his, and get away with it, why is Father Moran being punished for speaking the truth?  Is it because Father Daly is voicing an opinion deemed by the chancery to be “politically correct” (even though patently unjust), while Father Moran’s rebuke of the Church hierarchy hits just a little too close to home?  Hmmm????


Please contact the chancery and speak out for this priest!


CITY OF PHILADELPHIA’S GRAND JURY REPORT ON SEXUAL ABUSE OF MINORS BY CLERGY was released on September 21, 2005.   In that report, many acts of rape and perversion, committed by those ordained to be alter Christi , are described in very explicit detail.  We do urge you to read it.  Yes, it is graphic.  Yes, it is hideous to view.  But please bear in mind that those young boys experienced that horror beyond description.  Read it for their sakes, to fully appreciate the filth and degradation that has polluted our clergy.  The source of this cancer is two-fold: 1) dissent from the Magisterium, both in teaching and liturgy and 2) homosexual behavior.  We do suggest that you not allow children to view it, because of its horrific content.  Then alert your friends and resolve to fight this deadly encroachment before more young lives are destroyed.  The report can be found on the Philadelphia District Attorney’s web page at: http://www.philadelphiadistrictattorney.com/pages/1/index.htm.   Several pdf files comprise this report; it may take some considerable time to download, but it would be worthwhile.  The main report is the “Grand Jury Report” pdf.  If you open that file up, point “Acrobat” to page 45 (it will say “page 40” in the text itself).  Look at the top paragraph, and note the incident that took place in Rockville MD!  Yes!  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia relied upon the Archdiocese of Washington “to keep the police from taking action”!  In all fairness to Cardinal McCarrick, that did occur under the late Cardinal Hickey’s watch.  Nonetheless, it’s still nauseating. 

We understand that many good people take umbrage at the investigation itself.  Among them is William Donohue of Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.  They cite that clergy of other denominations were not subjected to this investigation, even though there were allegedly molesters amongst them.  In making this complaint about “selecting one institution out of many”, Mr. Donohue forgets two key facts.  First, not only are individual acts of rape being investigated, but also the organized and protracted cover-up of these crimes on the part of the bishops by moving the perpetrators from parish to parish.  We might want to remember what caused Richard Nixon’s downfall in the 1970’s.  It wasn’t so much the break-in at the Watergate, but the subsequent cover-up and obfuscation that destroyed his presidency.  The second fact is even more crucial.  We, as Catholics, should not complain that we seem held to a higher standard.  Ladies and gentlemen, such higher expectations (regardless of motives) ARE CORRECT!!!   The “big bad media” actually have it right when they hold us to higher expectations of moral behavior.   Face it!  We are the Roman Catholic Church.  We have the Sacraments.  We have the fullness of the Deposit of Faith!  We have the Magisterium and Sacred Tradition.  We have so much more than all the other denominations combined.  Is it any wonder that Our Lord demands more of us than He does the Episcopalians, Baptists, Jews, etc?  Let’s act like mature adults and stop the insipid whining and sniveling.  Let’s take our lumps in all humility, and in repentance, purge the evil from our own midst.


VATICAN DOCUMENT ON HOMOSEXUALS AND THE PRIESTHOOD   The Vatican released the long-awaited document on homosexuals and the priesthood.  Sadly, and as expected, bishops and cardinals started adding their own spins and interpretations to it.  Cardinal McCarrick stated that “it is important to look at the whole person” when assessing candidates.  However, the document makes quite clear that the presence of specific traits in a candidate mandate his disqualification.  Those traits are: 1) the practice of homosexuality, 2) deep-seated homosexual tendencies and 3) support of the “gay culture”.  The Vatican is quite clear on this  - “whole person” gobbly-goop notwithstanding!


ALLEGED ABUSE AT MOTHER SETON PARISH IN GERMANTOWN   A former altar boy has filed suit, alleging abuse committed against him between 2001 and 2002.  The parishioners were not informed until November 2005 that an investigation had started in 2003.  It is our understanding that the Archdiocese of Washington is a defendant in that lawsuit.   While we don’t pretend to know who is right and wrong here, we are troubled by such a local manifestation of this unhealthy cover-up and obfuscation of these circumstances.  We first learned of this case from this Gazette article.  We have since learned from this that the scope of the investigation has widened.


“LACK-BACK BISHOPS” MOVIE REVIEW   Most of us have heard of “Brokeback Mountain”, a movie that glorifies sodomy and adultery while trivializing the pain inflicted upon the innocent family members of those committing the abominations.  Apparently the film is well-crafted, with music and scenery utilized to induce the unsuspecting viewer to suspend his/her rational processes to swallow the siren call of the gay propagandists.  These tactics seem to have been successful with the individual who reviewed the movie for the USCCB.  The text of their review is here.  Please read it yourselves; it’s unbelievable how this reviewer waxes lyrical over this tripe, calling it a “serious contemplation on loneliness and connection”.  The review does acknowledge that “The Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality is unambiguous. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered" and the inclination itself is “objectively disordered.” At the same time, homosexually inclined persons “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” (#2357 and #2358).  Obviously, he/she is confusing respect of the person with sympathy for their destructive sin.  He/she goes on to say that “What gives the film its power is the vividness with which it tells the story of an unresolved (albeit objectively immoral) relationship.”  Oh, really now!  Could you imagine these people gushing over Adolph Hitler’s skill with words (No one can doubt that Hitler was an eloquent speaker)?  Of course not!  Moreover, the reviewer wrote, “While the actions taken by Ennis and Jack cannot be endorsed, the universal themes of love and loss ring true.”  That ridiculous!  Ennis and Jack displayed absolutely no love when one uses the word “love” correctly.  Clearly they lusted after one another, but they showed no concern for their own, or each other’s, immortal souls.  They certainly showed no love to their families, who had first claims on their love.  This reviewer is clearly befuddled by the emotional impact of this film.  But at least they gave the film an “O” rating (for morally offensive).  No they didn’t – at least not originally.  They had given it an “L” rating (limited adult audience).  It wasn’t until several pro-life and pro-family groups criticized the USCCB on their websites that they changed their rating; in other words, the USCCB had to be shamed into issuing an appropriate rating to this sinful propaganda.  This reviewer really should be fired, and moreover, the USCCB is in clear need of a general housecleaning, as evidenced by this drivel emanating from them.


BISHOPS AND DEATH PENALTY The USCCB, at their semi-annual meeting in November 2005, focused on the death penalty.  Regardless of our varying positions on the death penalty, we can see that in the bishops’ inordinate attention to this issue, there is an abysmal lack of perspective.  Less than 100 capital criminals are executed each year.  That’s less than 2.5% of the babies that are aborted EVERY DAY (based on 4500 abortions/day).  Yet at that bishops’ meeting, not one peep was uttered about that horrible atrocity.  Closer to home, in Maryland, Wesley Baker was executed in early December 2005.  An alert went out from the Archdiocese of Washington, urging Catholics to protest this execution.  This webmaster issued a commentary regarding this matter.  Please click here to read what transpired.  The Maryland Catholic Conference even held a vigil outside Baker’s prison; would that they urge Catholics to be present at each abortion mill at all times when babies are scheduled to be torn asunder!


SEX-ED ABOMINATION IN SILVER SPRING CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Parents with children enrolled at St. Bernadette’s, St. John the Evangelist and St. Mary of the Mills are dealing with threats to the innocence of their children that stem from the archdiocese.  Children as young as kindergarten age are having foisted upon them insidious material from the “Child Lures” program.  It is touted as a “safety program” for children, but the children are exposed to age-inappropriate topics such as pornography, date rape, incest.  Of course, the children are also taught in this program that the gay lifestyle is to be accepted.  No Catholic morality nor doctrine is taught.  The Archdiocesan School Superintendent, Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill, told parents that they could not opt their children out of the program.  Now we know that is blatant violation of Canon Law and other Catholic doctrine, all of which recognize that in God’s order, parents are the primary teachers for their children, and it is they who know what’s most appropriate for their children.  Catholic teachers and pastors are bound by Canon Law to respect that, not to arrogate those God-given prerogatives to themselves.  To add insult to injury, the archdiocese will not allow the program to be taught by parents outside the classroom!  Also, please note that this program IS intended for the entire archdiocese!  The above schools are “pilot locations.”  If this usurpation of parental authority remains unchallenged and uncorrected at these schools, many of us will find our parental authority likewise pooh-poohed!


The USCCB has made clear that a classroom environment has NOT required by their recommendation.  Other dioceses throughout the country, while implementing this, are acknowledging the rights of parents to opt their children out of the program, should they deem that the best for their children.  Why does our own Archdiocese of Washington insist on sticking its finger in the eyes of parents?   Why is it disobeying the Magisterium in this regard?  Why does it insist on corrupting the innocence of our children?


For more information on “Child Lures”, go to www.childlures.com.  The parents mentioned above have formed their own website: www.catholicfamiliesunited.org.  Visit this site to see how you can help.  Of course, contact the archdiocese and let them know your displeasure.