An advocacy group (ALWAYS OUR CHILDREN-- named after the letter promulgated by some American bishops) runs out of the Cathedral of St. Matthew (started by Msgr. Jameson) and the gays have spread the word that they will find it a welcoming environment. 


A New Ways representative spoke to the advocacy group at the Cathedral some time back and now New Ways is going to have a workshop on Saturday, March 12 at the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (8380 Colesville Road #300, Silver Spring, MD 20910).  As you may know, New Ways Ministry was founded by Sr. Jeannine Grammick S.S.N.D. and Fr. Robert Nugent S.D.S., dissident religious.  The Vatican silenced them several years ago for promoting ambiguous teaching about homosexuality and criticizing the Magisterium’s positions on homosexuality.  (Click here for some history of New Ways in the DC area.)


Brochures for this event were sent to parishes in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland.  Click to see the front and the back of this brochure.


On February 18, we mailed a letter to New Ways detailing our concern and displeasure at this workshop.  We sent copies to the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and to the Archdiocese of Washington.  All three were sent via certified mail.  The Sisters and the Archdiocese received their letters; New Ways Ministries apparently did not accept their letter.  Not surprisingly, we’ve received no replies.  Meanwhile, we received some further information about the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  After reading this website, you will not be surprised that these ladies would be aiding and abetting the New Ways heretics, since they themselves openly espouse heresy.


We will be gathering outside the Colesville Road office on Saturday, March 12, at 3:30 pm to proclaim the truth to the attendees, which will truly be an act of charity towards them this Lent.